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Restaurant membership dues are based on combined gross annual sales (food and beverage) of all California locations.

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To opt-out of one of the contributions, please check the appropriate box and your entire dues investment will be applied to CRA operations.

6.5 percent of membership dues will be contributed to the CRA PAC (#890231) or IPAC (#901032). Contributions to CRA political action committees are voluntary and not deductible as charitable contributions for federal or state income tax purposes.

One percent of membership dues will be contributed to the CR Foundation (CRF, Tax ID #95-376630) and is tax-deductible.

Note: The CRA has estimated 83 percent of your membership dues will be used for lobbying expenditures and are not deductible for federal or state income tax purposes (CRA federal Tax ID #95-1241045). Dues payments to the CRA not used for specific state or federal lobbying expenditures (IRC 162) may be deductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses.

If you prefer to fill out our manual form, please fax or mail it in. Click for form. (download pdf)

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  • Primary Directory listing is complimentary
  • Up to two additional Directory listings are complimentary
  • After two, additional Directory listings are $35 each
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I (we) wish to affiliate with other California foodservice industry leaders and become a member of the CRA. By becoming a member, I (we) authorize the CRA and CRF to send information on products and services by phone, fax or e-mail under U.S.C. 47sec.227. As part of my CRA membership I (we) understand the CRA will share specific personal information with the CRA Partners to provide me (us) with valuable discounts, programs and services. I (we) certify that the foregoing information is correct and authorize the CRA to process my (our) chosen method of payment and activate membership. I (we) understand CRA memberships are non-transferable and non-refundable.

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